Man cannot live on liquid bread alone…

I read recently about the Paulaner monks of Munich, famous from their brewing expertise, they would fast for the whole of lent (46 days), with beer and water their only sustenance.

I’m certainly not recommending this. Aside from the strain it would put on your liver/kidneys, which would depend on the actual number of units you consumed per day, beer isn’t exactly high in many essential vitamins.

And just incase you were wondering why they fast on beer and water and not beer alone. Due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, without the water you last only a matter of days.

All that being said…..

It got me thinking.

What if I was to do this for one day, the detrimental effects would be limited and short lived. Those monks had just the one beer, but I have access to beers from across the globe.

So what would a day of beers in place of food look like?

Just so you know, I follow the Hobbit meal plan.

Breakfast 7am

The most important meal of the day they say. So how about Coffee, bacon, maple syrup and blueberry pancakes? β˜•οΈ πŸ₯“ 🍁 πŸ₯ž

Funky Bhudda, maple, bacon, coffee Porter, is a perfect way to start the day. I’ve actually reviewed this one before and loved it, so we’re off to a good start.

That along with Rochester Mills, Blueberry pancake milk Stout, will tie me over to second breakfast just nicely.

Second breakfast 9am

After a hefty double Porter/Stout start to my day I’m looking for something sweet and fruity now. A smoothie would be just the ticket πŸŒπŸŠπŸπŸ‹

Siren Craft Brew, 10 Dollar Shake is fruity and creamy and even counts as one of your 5 a day! (disclaimer: does not count as one of your 5 a day)

Elevenses 11am

By now I’m peckish again but also wary of spoiling my lunch. A small piece of fruit couldn’t do any harm, surely. πŸ‘

St Louis, Premium Peach Lambic is sharp, juicy and refreshing without being too sweet. Just like a good peach should be.

Lunch 1pm

By now the midday munchies are kicking in and I’ve a hankering for some pizza πŸ•

A Seefurth Mamma Mia, Pizza Beer. Just like mamma used to make, fills a hole nicely.

Afternoon Tea 3pm

Usually at this time of day I get a little peckish and start searching the cupboards to find something to snack on. Maybe a sandwich would be nice.

Catawba, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, aged will real raspberries and toasted peanuts, is the perfect midday filler.

Dinner 6pm

After a hard day hallioning I’m ready for a proper dinner now. I love a good hot curry, though it doesn’t love me, so I find a cooling dessert helps πŸ›πŸ¨

Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra is bursting with flavour, brewed with cumin, cayenne pepper, madras powder and toasted coconut, it’s a proper Ruby Murray

And with Mad Hatter’s Mint Choc Chip for dessert and burn from the curry quickly dissipates.

Supper 9pm

People have lots of different names for their meals and supper to many people is a full meal. But in my house supper is when you have a bowl of cereal at night.

A big bowl of Black Bottle Brewery, Cerealiously, is perfect to round off my day, everyone knows the best bit of cereal is slurping the chocolate milk at the end.

Total daily calorie count: 1593

Recommended daily calorie count: 2500 (male)

Total daily alcohol consumption: 27 units

Recommended daily alcohol consumption: 2 units

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes and to show the diversity of flavoured beers available. I do not suggest anyone attempts this in real life.

Edit: Many of the beers used in this piece are single runs or seasonals and may not be available to buy at the time of publication.


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