Devils Washtub, North Coast IPA

  • Brewed by: Lacada Brewery Co-op
  • Style: Dark IPA
  • ABV%: 5.2
  • From: Portrush, N.Ireland

Billed as a North Coast IPA I was unsure as what to expect. The labelling didn’t expand anymore on what was contained within. Was it just a bit of spin to sell an IPA made on the north coast of Ireland or was it a unique style of beer in itself. 

Obviously I wasn’t going to discern much more with the lid on, so it was time to pour it. 

I was honestly caught off guard with the pour, the colour, dark almost black, with a swirling head of  cream caramel as it settled. 

So now my interest was welland truely peaked, what was this beer? Some kind of dark IPA?

It had the floral hop aroma of an IPA that was true but with the maltyness of a dark ale there too, in almost equal measures. 

First sip and again my tastebuds are confused, there’s the bitterness I’d expect, light floral notes, hint of citrus possibly but right alongside that were malt flavours, burnt sugar and dried fruit. The first drop on the tongue says IPA but the aftertaste that remains says dark ale. 

As someone who was making tasting notes to describe this beer, it really made me work for it, really hard to nail down. I’d say I’d classify it as a Cascadian Dark Ale, a little known style more common in North America that is starting to take off. 

I think this would be a great bridge beer between the IPA and dark beer drinkers, if you were a Hophead who wanted to start trying more dark beers, this would ease you in perfectly and visa versa. 
Overall an incredibly enjoyable beer that I’ll definitely have again. 

Big congratulations to the boys at Lacada for creating what is certainly the most interesting beer I’ve had in a while. 


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