Galway Bay: Buried at Sea Milk Stout

  • Brewed by: Galway Bay brewery
  • Style: Milk Stout
  • ABV%: 4.5
  • From: Galway, Ireland 

I’ve been so busy lately setting up a new series of articles I’m planning that I’ve neglected my reviewing. So I thought I’d write one today on the last beer I’ve drank. 

(Edit. I know notice that the previous single beer review before this was another Galway Bay beer, I’d like to point out I have no affiliation with the brewery and this is purely coincidental… If however the brewery would like to sponsor me I’m sure we can arrange something wink wink.)

Firstly for those who may not know what a milk Stout is. 

Milk Stout, sometimes called Sweet Stout is essentially made as you’d make dry Stout but lactose (sugar from milk) is added to the brewing process. Since these sugars can’t be broken down and fermented by the brewing yeast, it remains in the brew and adds a sweetness to the final product. Milk Stouts were once incredibly popular and the dominant Stout style available most places except Ireland. It was even promoted for its health benefits and as a kind of latter day energy drink and while it’s health benefits may have been exaggerated to an extent, its certainly healthier than the energy drinks we have today. 

So this stout poured silky smooth as I’d expected, dark but not as black as some other stouts and with a creamy caramel coloured head. (I’d long drank this before I realised I’d maybe write about it and probably should have taken a picture)

I’d had this beer once before but back then it was labelled as a chocolate milk Stout. I’m not sure if they’ve changed to recipe along with the label or they decided it wasn’t chocolaty enough to have it in its title. 

Aroma wise it has everything you’d expect from a good milk Stout, roasted malt, molasses but with a very prominent hit of coffee. The lactose gives a rich mouthfeel and coats the throat on the way down. Obviously sweet on the palette but not overwhelmingly so, flavours of malt biscuit, caramel, with rich dark chocolate riding underneath, finishing again with that full coffee flavour. 

All in all a very decent wee milk Stout. Too sweet for me personally as a session beer but not for many others I’d imagine. But if I could have this with my dessert after a good meal, in lieu of the coffee course, I’d be extremely happy. 


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