Chew Chew Stout by Fallen Brewing

  • Brewed by: Fallen Brewing
  • Style: Milk Stout
  • ABV%: 6%
  • From: Kippen, Stirlingshire, Scotland

I’m going through a Stout/Porter phase at the moment, I’ve always been a fan but every now and then I get into them in a big way. It just so happens that the craft brewing world is also going through a Stout/Porter renaissance right now.

This is great for me not only because I’m a fan of the black beers but also (and this isn’t something you shout about in the beer world) I’m not a big fan of IPAs…. there I’ve said it. I mean I drink them from time to time and I can appreciate them. But for a while there it was all anyone was brewing. And it was all about how hoppy they could make it. It got to the stage that I stopped asking what the guest ale was when I went to a new pub because it was always another bloody IPA.

Ok, now that’s out, let’s talk about Stout.

This particular Stout is a Milk Stout, sometimes called a sweet Stout. It’s called milk Stout because lactose, the sugar from milk is added to the fermentation process. This sugar unlike other sugars isn’t broken down by the yeast during the fermentation, hence it stays around in the final brew and gives a rich sweet taste.

A quick word about Fallen Brewing before I get on to their beer.

When you think of craft beer, we like to think of a picture postcard little old stone building, run by a handful of dedicated brewers who care for their brew from raw ingredient to finished bottle. Where as often, even though the marketing men would lead to believe different, they are made in a big industrial brewery along with a hundred other craft beers.

Now there’s nothing wrong with this at heart and many small brewers use big brewery’s to make a beer of their own recipe but at a scale that means it can reach a bigger audience. And that’s all good but don’t blow smoke up the drinkers arse and tell us you’re some one man band.

Fallen on the other hand is that ideal we have of the small brewer. Actually starting out as a one man brewery, Paul Fallen made the leap, that many have dreamed of, from home brewer to brewery owner in a short few years. He actually used a big brewery to make his first few batches until he found the ideal spot to set up on his own.

Onto the beer, I have a tendency to go off topic on these reviews as you may have noticed.

Chew Chew salted caramel milk Stout. Straight away that name sets out what to expect.

The beer pours very dark and thick, it has an aroma of rich chocolate, malts and molasses. It forms a pale creamy head, which is always a good sign when trying a new Stout.

The taste is strong and sweet, distinctive caramel notes with a hint of vanilla. It actually reminds of of Scottish tablet, which it a kind of very sweet, crumbly vanilla fudge. There is a slight hint of saltyness but that doesn’t come into full until the aftertaste. As you swallow you get a touch of the bitterness you expect from a Stout, which is quickly replaced by a wave of sea salt, which I found very pleasant.

All in all a very nice beer and a great example of what a milk Stout should be. I’d advise you to try it out and if the rest of their beers are as good as this one I can’t wait to try the range.

I believe they did a collaboration with Brewdog, where they did an extra strong version of this with raspberry flavours. Which I was keen to try before, but after drinking this one I’m now even more so.


(The landlord)


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