Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

  • Brewed by: Funky Buddha
  • Style: American Porter
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • From: Oakland Park, Florida, USA

C’mon! Tell me you didn’t read the name of this beer and instantly want a bottle for breakfast, no? Just me?

Pairing beer with food has been a big thing in the brewing industry for years now, so why should breakfast be neglected? Honestly this would go great with a big plate of fluffy American style pancakes. 

Anyway I suppose I should get on with my review…

I’ve always been drawn to the dark side. And when it comes to that, you don’t get much darker than porters. 

Traditionally brewed in London for years, they started to fall out of favour after limits were put on production during the First World War and the downturn continued until the 50’s when it had pretty much ceased being made in the city. 

By this time it’s spiritual home had crossed the sea to Ireland where Guinness had successfully been making an extra stout porter for several years. Eventually it became so dominant that the name porter almost disappeared and Stout became the name for this type of beer. 

Irelands dominance of the Porter industry continued for the rest of the century but now we see challengers emerging. English brewers have started brewing London porters to the old pre war recipes and over the ocean the craft beer revolution in America has led to some truly amazing new takes on the style as well as some quality recreations of the traditional recipes. 

I categorise all Porters brewed in America as American Porters, this is kind of a generalisation on my part as the actual styles of Porters being brewed in the states right now are diverse and wide ranging, from Baltic style stouts, to traditional London styles, to styles that are very much American. 

I’ve chosen the maple bacon coffe Porter by Funky Buddha as an example of a true American Porter. 

The moment this beer hits your tongue you get a delicious rich taste of maple, an earthy sweetness. Then the smokey meat taste comes in and warms the roof of your mouth. The aftertaste is where the coffee comes in, the bitter notes of a strong Colombian bean. 

I don’t know if the guys at Funky Buddha set out to make a porter with those 3 flavours so prominent or if they set out to make a great Porter and these are the flavours that came through so they named it thus. 

The difference in the latter and the former is that one makes you a brewing genius and the other a marketing genius. 

Either way it’s a great beer and regularly comes in as one of my top 5 Porters (yes I make top 5’s, top 10’s actually)

So crack open a bottle and start your day the right way. It’s the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. 

(The landlord)


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